MYCQ Surf to City Ocean Race - OMR Winner



2022 Wayne Bloomer Chill Pill
2020 Wayne Bloomer Chill Pill
2019 Drew Carruthers Rushour
2018 Jim Fern & Lyle Stanaway Hasta La Vista
2017 Gary Saxby Boss Racing
2016 Peter Wilcox Mojo
2015 Wayne Bloomer Chill Pill
2014 Andrew Stransky Fantasia
2013 Phil Day Rhythmic
2012 Phil Day Rhythmic
2000 Rob Remilton Wilparina II
1998 Fred Gans Triumph
1996 Paul Nudd XL2
1994 Kim Mitchell Mad Dog Tip Truck
1992 John Nolan Gold Rush
1990 John Nolan Gold Rush
1988 Trevor Dellit Raven Multihulls
Cocktails for Two



AMOC Series - Second Place IOMR

1986 Geoff Toomey Gold Rush



The Famous Bundaberg Rum.

Originally AMOC  Perpetual Trophy. Second Place on Corrected Times.

Now the MYCQ Surf to City Ocean Race - OMR Winner.


Originally awarded to the second place on aggregate points for AMOC biennial offshore series.

Now awarded to the OMR winner in the Surf to City Ocean Race for the first MYCQ yacht/member. 


The Bundaberg Rum Company.

First Presented:

1986 AMOC Series


Perpetual Trophies

  • Kareelah Cruising Trophy

    Kareelah Cruising Trophy

    The Kareelah Cruising Trophy is a large wooden canoe with paddle on a timber base. Commonly called the Gus Trouchet Trophy it was presented to QMYC by Gus and Carol Trouchet in 1976 to be awarded annu...
  • MYCQ Surf to City Ocean Race

    MYCQ Surf to City Ocean Race

    This is the Trophy for the MYCQ Surf to City Ocean Race.
  • MYCQ Bribie Cup

    MYCQ Bribie Cup

    This is the Trophy for the Bribie Cup.
  • Club Championship

    Club Championship

    This is the Trophy for the MYCQ Club Champions.

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