The Kareelah Cruising Trophy is a large wooden canoe with paddle on a timber base. Commonly called the Gus Trouchet Trophy it was presented to QMYC by Gus and Carol Trouchet in 1976 to be awarded annually (if appropriate) to the QMYC member making the most outstanding cruise during the year or series of cruises over a longer period.
In the past it has been awarded to:

1977 - Jeff and Lucy Montague for World Circumnavigation in "Kunda".

1978 & 1979 - Dr I Mc Donald for a series of Pacific cruises in "Tritheam".

1981 - Terry Worthing for a Pacific cruise in "Groucho Marx".

1991 - Terry Worthing  for a Pacific cruise in "Double Bus".

1993 - John and Lindy McKeown for ongoing contributions to Cruising both on and off the water.

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