Flag Officers



Year Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore
2000/01 Ken Hurling Jeff Berg Phil Day
1999/00 J. Smithwick Phil Day K. Mitchell
1998/99 K. Mitchell D. Solomon R.Scholl
1997/98 Jamie Morris K. Mitchell R. McLellan
1996/97 A. Mitchell P. Barker Jan Cruse
1995/96 Jan Cruse D. Solomon P. Barker
1994/95 Jan Cruse D. Solomon A. Mitchell
1993/94 W. Van Der Mark   I. Kelshaw Dudley Young
1992/93 Dudley Young D. McWatters I. Kelshaw
1991/92 Dudley Young D. McWatters A. Mitchell
1990/91 A. Mitchell J. Nolan P. Herbert
1989/90 P. Herbert J. Nolan I. Kelshaw
1988/89 P. Herbert I. Kelshaw L. McKeown
1987/88 Trevor Dellit D. McWatters C. Allen
1986/87 C. Allen D. McWatters M. Arrowsmith
1985/86 C. Allen Geoff Cruse W. Withers
1984/85 C. Allen Geoff Cruse Harvey Raven
1983/84 C. Allen Peter Garden J. Montague
1982/83 J. Montague D. Blake Dudley Young
1981/82 J. Montague D. Blake Trevor Dellit
1980/81 Trevor Dellit D. Blake Harvey Raven
1979/80 Trevor Dellit D. Blake Peter Garden
1978/79 Peter Garden W.  Sweeting P. Herzig
1977/78 Peter Garden R. Clarke P. Herzig
1976/77 P. Herzig Peter Garden D. Stewart
1975/76 P. Herzig M. Stephens B. Willey
1974/75 B. Willey P. Herzig P. Stone
1973/74 B. Willey P. Herzig P. Stone
1972/73 B. Willey P. Herzig Peter Fraser
1971/72 Peter Fraser B. Willey P. Herzig
1970/71 Peter Fraser W. Wilson Leigh Wynne
1969/70 Leigh Wynne Peter Fraser Chas Drew
1968/69 Leigh Wynne Peter Fraser Chas Drew
1967/68 Chas Drew B. Willey D. Glanville
1966/67 Chas Drew H. Nicol P. Chapman
1965/66 Chas Drew H. Nicol N. Helmrich



Amalgamation Executive Meeting – 7.30 pm 12 June 2001

Representatives from three clubs for the Interim Amalgamation Committee:

                Queensland Multihull Yacht Club

                Darling Point Sailing Squadron

                Trailable Multihull Yacht Assoc. Queensland


Multihull Yacht Club Queensland formed 9 September 2001  1000 hrs

under Commodore Ken Hurling and adoption of the new constitution


The Interim Committee of Flag Officers and Management structure was to be in place until the AGM of 2003 but resignations in this period resulted in changes to Office Bearers.      


The duplicate structure of the Interim Committee was:-

                Two Commodores

                Three Vice Commodores  (QMYC, DPSS, TMYAQ)

                Secretary,  Assist. Secretary

                Treasurer,  Assist. Treasurer

                Directors of Division, DPSS & General

                Rear Commodore             


Resignations during the period Sept 01 – Sept 03

 Phil Day  Vice Commodore Dec  01 
 Diana Rylatt   Vice Commodore Dec  01 
Peter Fuller   Vice Commodore Feb 02
Ken Hurling Commodore Mar 02
Ray Harris Secretary Mar 02
Dainis Martinsons  Commodore Jul 02
Aldonna Thompson Asst. Treasurer Jul 02
David Elliott Mar 03



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