Ostac Triumph

The second F-31 Ostac Triumph was bought new by Fred Gans of Brisbane. Ostac Triumph was sailed nearly every week for 20 years by Fred and he went through 4 trailers over this time as they rusted out from overuse. Judged Australian Sailboat of the Year. It's difficult to describe the sensation of sailing a modern, cleverly contrived trimaran such as this. Everything is so fluent that your senses become overloaded with the excitement and enticement of it all."

Skipper/Owner: Fred Gans
Design: F31
Builder: Ostac
Length: 31 ft
Beam: 22 ft
Sail Number: 2

Ostac Triumph was MYCQ Club Champion in 1993/94 and won the 1997 Brisbane to Gladstone on OMR.


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