Dear MYCQ Members and supporters,

The Management Committee of the Multihull Yacht Club Queensland (MYCQ) regret to advise that this year's Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race will be cancelled.

As everyone is aware, the rapid spread of Covid-19 worldwide means that caution must be exercised and it is not considered appropriate to plan an event of this nature at this time. This has been a difficult decision to make as the event had attracted a very strong fleet and a lot of preparation has already been undertaken by many in anticipation of another great race. However, the safety of the entrants, the club officials, volunteers and the general public is the highest priority and the prime focus of all of us now needs to be on working together to mitigate the impacts of this pandemic as best we can. The decision to cancel is being made now as the weeks ahead will likely bring uncertainty and a clear position is required regarding this event to minimise further cost to entrants and the club.

MYCQ would like to acknowledge the efforts to date of the owners, skippers and crews to get their boats and themselves ready to race, the club members and volunteers for their significant efforts invested in the race organisation and the other groups who all assist to make an event of this nature possible. MYCQ will monitor the situation with Covid-19 and, once a recovery is made, then options for the next running of this race will be assessed. In the meantime, all entrants will be individually contacted by the race committee to arrange a full refund of any entrance fees paid. 

Stay safe on the land and the water. Sad Day!

Bruce Wieland


Notice of Race

The 2022 Brisbane to Gladstone Notice of Race if available for download here

Race Entry

2022 Brisbane to Gladstone Race Entries can be completed here

Crew Entry

Each Crew member must complete the Crew Entry form which is located here

Sailing Instructions

2022 Brisbane to Gladstone Sailing Instructions are available here

Race Tracker

Each yacht carries a Yellow Brick Tracker which allows spectators to track the progress of all competitors. To view the tracker on a mobile device you must download and run the Yellow Brick Tracker app and search for the Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Race. To view on a laptop or computer click here

Race History

Read about previous Brisbane to Gladstone Races and how it all started. See the photos and analyse the results and statistics.

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Offshore Multihull Rating (OMR) System

The MYCQ Administers the Offshore Multihull Rating (OMR) System, which is used to handicap all Multihull Yachts. It is similar to the IRC system used for monohulls but is tailored to be applied to all Multihull Designs. This website provides:

The MYCQ regularly reviews the OMR formulas by looking at race results and analysing trends and new technologies to ensure the OMR system is current and as accurate as possible.

As with most handicapping systems, it is not perfect and rather than criticizing the system and the people that administer it we encourage you to become involved in the club and contribute to developing the system.

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